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All results are reviewed by the Doctors when they are received. The practice has a policy for recalling patients where medically appropriate as suggested by their Doctor. Your doctor or nurse will contact you if your doctor needs to see you or discuss your results.

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If unable to attend an appointment please advise Reception, this will allow us to provide that appointment to another patient in need.

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New Delhi, India

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Medical Certificates are legal documents and cannot be issued without actually seeing the Doctor and they cannot be issued retrospectively.

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Fees and Charges MIXED BILLING.

The total cost of the consultation will have to be paid on the day, and then the claim will be lodged with Medicare. Medicare will reimburse you directly minus the out-of-pocket cost. Please update your bank account details with Medicare for smoother reimbursement. Doctors have decided to continue to Bulk Bill anyone who has

• Pension Card

• DVA Card

• Health Care Card

• Or if you are 15 Years or Younger.

The Practice charges various fees associated with procedures like ear syringing, cryotherapy, wound dressings, suture removal, private injections, Imp anon insertion and removal, skin checks etc., which cover the use of the treatment room and the nurse’s assistance. 

Kamesh Kumar

Founder, CEO of Doctorwallah

Our Expertise

We have a well-equipped treatment room where GP’s can provide a range of procedures including emergency repair of lacerations, wedge resections of ingrown toenails, implanon insertions/removals, skin cancer and other skin lesion excisions, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), incision and drainage, wound management and ear syringing.
You should speak with your GP regarding a particular procedure that may be performed before booking it in. There are various fees associated with procedures which cover the use of the treatment room, the materials, and the nurse assistance.

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Pharmaceutical Research

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Precise Result

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Qualified Staff

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Latest Case Studies

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Kamesh Kumar

MD – Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases, MBBS


Tuberculous and chest Diseases Specialist,

General Physician

22 Years Experience Overall  (19 years as specialist)

Absolutely, great doctor calm& composed explained it so well. Highly appreciated and recommending Dr Raj
Neha Jain
Very detailed treatment explanation. Good treatment advise Given good medicines
The treatment was nice. The doctor understood the issues in detail patiently, and gave medicine accordingly.
Nikki Rajpoot

Point Lab Expert Team

Margaret Anderson

Head of Laboratory Department

Mark Anthony

Senior Pathologist

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

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